Repairs and Testing


CASUSO has a high qualified staff with all technological means needed to repair in a very short time bronze components for FPP or CPP propellers system, in our factory or directly in the shipyard.

Our repair team includes welders approved all Classification Societies. On the other hand, our technical department uses three-dimensional meausurement systems for scanning parts that enables us able to develop reverse engineering process for the manufacture or repair parts without blueprints and technical documentation.

We can apply to our repairs thermal stress realease treatments according to the specified norms if required.

Tests and Trials

CASUSO can provide verification test as:

  • Mechanical testing of tensile
  • Chemical analysis by spectrophotometry
  • END (Penetrant liquid test, Ultrasonics, ...)
  • Digited static balanced in two planes
  • Hydraulic Pressure Testing

Others services

  • Measurement, verification and inspection three-dimensional computed
  • Reverse engineering
  • CNC machining of complex surfaces

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